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Terracotta facade

With this innovative terracotta facade system, S.Anselmo rewrites the guidelines of terracotta facades and design by developing a new concept of matter: a single source of infinite design element expressions through the contamination between fashion and lifetrends that transform any space into a creative place.

With SK1N it must be considered the dual aspect of functionality and simplicity of application and the strong architectural characterization. Basically every surface in any condition is suitable to be covered with the system. The strong aesthetic character of the product and the system itself represent an architecture of freestyle.


The SK1N proposal foresees the application as curtain wall for vertical and sloped surfaces (roof) using terracotta elements with a wide range of ceramic colors. The effect is of a dynamic facade with horizontal emphasis. The color is the characteristic element and is fundamental to the architectural solution. The installation is simple and related to the nature of the product, particularly defined by the patterns.


The laying system is suitable for any type of building. The elevations and the sloped roofs are framed with a layer of principal rafters and a layer of common rafters, then the teracotta SK1N tiles are fixed by a dry system using screw or nails; the horizontal joints are overlapped and the vertical joints are misaligned. The corners are generally constituted by metal battens. To complete correctly the application of the SK1N tiles at the sloped roofs, the vertical joints are going to be filled with plaster.

SK1N : terracotta facadeSK1N : terracotta facade

SK1N : terracotta facade

SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade


SK1N : terracotta facade





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Photo gallery : SMOKED BRICKS
Photo gallery : SMOKED BRICKS
Photo gallery : SMOKED BRICKS
Photo gallery : SMOKED BRICKS
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