S.Anselmo is a leader in the manufacturing of terracotta architectural products for the restoration of historical facades. Our fascinating adventure in renovation is deeply rooted in the conservation of historical buildings and treasures of architecture, especially in an international marketplace. Our expertise and our creations contributed to the preservation of the most outstanding and important buildings in the UK, USA, and more.

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Our love for terracotta

Our team of artisans, architects and engineers navigates with passion and knowledge the production of extraordinary terracotta - resistant to wear and tear, time, and the most adverse weather conditions. Driven by our love for this material and our long family tradition, we work seamlessly to develop products that go beyond any qualitative standard.

We honor tradition

S.Anselmo terracotta pieces are destined to replace elements that have been standing out for centuries. Many restoration projects begin with broken, eroded or missing terracotta, which need meticulous reviews in terms of color, finish and decorative details.

We are elated by the opportunity to recreate the constructive methods and approaches that have originated centuries ago.


One material, infinite possibilities

With proven durability, terracotta is resistant to the effects of weathering and athmospheric attacks. Terracotta is one of the most malleable and versatile building materials on the market -- as it is so easy to shape, any format can be smoothly achieved.