Casa Visibilio

Oltradige, Italy
Custom Blend of Corso Aqua

Rural scenery, contemporary architecture

On the outskirts of a small town in Italy, MoDusArchitects has recently finished a private residence that brings a contemporary twist to the rural scenery. The project appears as a single-family dwelling, but in reality, it is divided into two separate living units. The larger unit caters to a family of four, while the smaller one serves as a space for guests and additional family members.


Encircled by vineyards and numerous wineries, the architectural composition harmoniously blends diverse vocabularies, technologies, and textures into a unified structure crafted by numerous tradesmen and artisans. Positioned on the northern periphery of an elongated plot, replacing an existing building, the new structure emerges from a plateau, offering unobstructed vistas of the Adige Valley.

The dwelling showcases various features seen in vernacular architecture, including an entrance area, the distinct space between the roof and the structure, an extended roof edge, an underground wine cellar, and a wood-burning stove. The house is spread across three floors, with one below ground and two above. The living spaces offer diverse experiences that change throughout the day and across the seasons, creating a practical framework for everyday life.

47_MODUS-ARCH_HG_IMG_0035_unite-scaled copia.jpg

Materials such as brick, terracotta, lime plaster, steel, wood, and glass form a dynamic palette that transitions from darker to lighter tones, symbolizing the connection between humans and both the earth and the sky above. Visibilio House uses a custom blend of Corso Aqua Bricks with thick mortar joints on three sides, giving it a weathered and timeless appearance.
The perforated brickwork is used to serve as both a sunshade and a decorative band, taking inspiration from nearby granaries as well as Nordic and Italian masonry traditions. The glazed front of the house faces south to capture maximum sunlight, which is regulated during warmer months with sun-shading systems. The building is well-insulated, and the brick construction helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures throughout the year.

The double-height living room is the central space around which other areas are arranged, such as an open kitchen and dining area with a breakfast patio to the east, a covered dining area to the south, guest quarters, a study, and a multimedia room. The kitchen features a combination of elmwood and burnished metal on its back wall. This design element connects the wood panels in the living room to the rough brick surfaces on the eastern end of the house. The kitchen’s porphyry island stands out against the brick background, serving as a focal point for cooking and food preparation.

Visibilio House carefully considers sun and wind exposure to create different indoor and outdoor spaces. It incorporates ecological solutions to promote sustainability and align with the overall design. The house features photovoltaic panels for renewable energy, radiant floor and ceiling heating and cooling systems, and a controlled ventilation system.

La casa di MoDusArchitects ha ottenuto la certificazione CasaClima Gold Nature, che indica un'elevata efficienza energetica con un basso impatto ambientale. Questa certificazione garantisce inoltre l'utilizzo di materiali e sistemi ecocompatibili, privilegiando il comfort e la salute dell'ambiente interno.