Horsley Park Childcare Centre

Horsley Park, Australia
Paul Barnett
Tumbled Aged Red

Bricks, but why?

With the ability to withstand high foot traffic, high impact and constant intervention, brick is the ultimate building material for schools and childcare centres. Brick requires no ongoing maintenance, excellent thermal insulation qualities, a uniquely textural patina which is durable, and ages beautifully over time.


Horsley Park Childcare Centre located in Western Sydney has moved towards this durable materiality for its architectural update. Crafted with over 140,000 S.Anselmo Tumbled Aged Red, the project features expansive brickwork running from the outside in. The entire frontage and exterior of the building is crafted from brick, imbuing the centre with a rustic feel, one of permanence and familiarity.

The centre is almost compound-esque in its form. Centred around a bright and breezy courtyard, the building is composed of separate components that meet to create two L-shaped forms. Despite the aged patina of the S.Anselmo Tumbled Bricks, the building’s uniform structure and geometrically slanted roofs infuse the space with a contemporary, refined style. Indistinguishable from the outside, the building’s facade is sleek, modern, and could easily be mistaken for a gallery or elevated architectural facility.


Childcare centres and their primary importance

Childcare centres and schools are an essential part of our social landscape. With a brick composition, these establishments are built to last, and can continue providing education and security to children for decades to come. Whether they’re located in rural or urban Australia, a brick composition is the ideal materiality for schools or childcare centres.


For rural locations, brick has the added benefit of being bushfire resistant, and its hard wearing materiality renders it impermeable to the natural elements. For both rural and urban locations, brick’s high density and insulative properties mean it is ideal to keep students warm in winter and cool in summer, fostering the ideal climate for work and play.