House of Grain

Hjørring, Denmark
Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS
Pantheon Nordic Red

A new learning centre

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has unveiled plans for a new agricultural and baking education centre in Denmark's Jutland region, which will feature teaching spaces skylit by a pair of kiln-shaped forms. Called Kornets Hus -- translating from Danish as Grain House -- the new timber-framed learning centre in the town of Hjørring, is completely covered both on the walls and on the roof with our Pantheon Nordic Red with a U shape. This product combines the timeless beauty of terracotta with contemporary ceramic techniques and colours. Pantheon Nordic Red with a U shape has a range of imaginative applications, from unique facades to distinctive roof lines--all united in one seamless material expression.


The architects' point of view

"The Jutland region, with its diversity of landscapes and long history, is in many ways the most continental region in Denmark," said Oslo-based architecture firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. "Hjørring has some of the oldest traces of settlements nationally and an established cultural landscape." "The new inspiration centre will offer visitors, locals and employees alike a facility for activity-based learning centered around the importance of grain both to Jutland and human civilisation," continued the architects.


With an L-shaped plan surrounded by a garden courtyard, the Kornets Hus' architectural form is the outcome of research into the region's rich landscape, folk culture and agricultural heritage. Teaching and exhibition spaces are positioned at either end of the building beneath two soaring Pantheon Nordic Red lightwells.

Inspired by baker's kilns, the lightwells provide the generously proportioned classrooms with a big amount of natural light. At the building's heart, the public spaces are centered around a large bread oven. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views across a vast expanse of wheat fields to the west, which can also be appreciated from the building's terrace area.