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Honeysuckle, Newcastle, Australia
Selmo LOFB Selmo VTB

Towards Urbanity

Running parallel to the Hunter foreshore, Honeysuckle Drive is part of the Newcastle Honeysuckle Precinct urban renewal corridor, an area currently evolving from large-scale commercial uses to a more multi-faceted integrated foreshore precinct with a finer urban grain.

Playing an important role in enlivening the precinct is Huntington at 35 Honeysuckle, a new mixed-use residential development with active retail node comprising 90 apartments across three distinct architectural forms.


Responding to the site’s location at the future intersection with Steel Street, two southern buildings have a warm masonry character, a texture and sense of presence that speak to the brick buildings of Hunter Street. The northern portion of the main buildings continue this highly textural language using lightweight screens and fine metal detailing.

Industrial elements reflective of the city’s history have been interwoven into the design, showcasing a warm blend of cloudy silver and smoky cashmere brick tones.
A cladding envelope of San Selmo bricks.


The retail anchor building is a pavilion, with an intimate scale incorporating steel detailing, textural corrugated concrete, glass louvers and a backlit, translucent glass roof form which continues a discussion with the industrial past and sets a new agenda for the future of the working port.

Connections, pockets and gateways through the site create permeability, scale and purpose while differing programs including vibrant retail and accessible public domain spaces will foster a sense of place and belonging.



Huntington received the Horbury Hunt Commercial Award at the 2023 Think Brick Awards.

The jury praised SJB, saying the aesthetic is reminiscent of a Louis Kahn project.


“Huntington showcases brickwork in its monolithic form, which is not an easy thing to do in architecture. The bold, singular use of brick has given the building a fabric-like quality and addressed the project’s scale and prominent location with an exceptional interplay of restraint and materiality.

Its clever articulation and attention to detail is sure to encourage people to be committed to using brickwork and doing it well,” the jury remarked.