Alessio B. x Fornace S.Anselmo, 2022. "To Be Continued"


Alessio B.

To Be Continued

Brick Garden

Born in Padova, Italy, Alessio B. was only 16 when he discovered his love for street art.
Inspired by Blek le rat, writers culture, pop art, Keith Haring and much more, he developed his drawing talents into a career as a street painter.

Since then, he has empowered, enhanced, transformed the walls of his native city and many other urban scenarios all over the world.
His techniques include stencil use, textured canvases and poster collages, all giving life to messages of love, peace and empathy.

Alessio B's To Be Continued encapsulates the long history of the company and the ongoing passion for Terracotta that spans five generations.
Of the two figures portrayed, on the right is one of the oldest and most experienced S.Anselmo employees, while on the left is an allegory of the future and of how we hope new generations will approach craftsmanship and tradition - with curiosity, love for discovery, and playful interest.

Among the various details on the mural piece, one can observe a list of evocative words in three different languages: Veneto local dialect, Italian, and English.
From the most peculiar idiom to the broadest lingua franca - to celebrate the passing of time, the connection to the roots, and the will to share a traditional craft with different communities.