Congratulations are in order for the Built Design Award 2021 winner

We are glad to share with you a wonderful achievement for an outstanding project in which we were honoured to participate.The Film Archive and Preservation Center, located in Santa Clarita (CA) and completed in 2019, was awarded the prize for Institutional Architectural Design at the 2021 edition of the BLT Built Design Award.

S.Anselmo in collaboration with Cooritalia supplied the roof tiles and custom terracotta elements featured on the award-winning project.

Our contribution consisted in 47,000 terracotta pieces declined in 5 different elements: flat pans, angular shaped cap, a double ridge cap, double ridge pans, and 1,100 hand-painted antefix pieces.

Have a look at the pictures below to discover the wonderful architectural​ results.

photo courtesy of bltawards.com