Sk1n: new green façade


Happy to share some details of our new green façade.

The SK1N I O2 façade is a system solution consisting of a precast growth element, a clay SK1N tile, a plant composition and a suspension system. Clay SK1N tiles, plant composition and suspension system can be put together freely from our programe, and provide unimaginable possibilities for a unique, vibrant design and expression.

THE GROWTH ELEMENT consists of a precast, specially constructed growth element made of natural materials, which has a high absorption capacity and capillary force, which ensures a fully uniform distribution of water for the benefit of the plants that grow in it. The growth elements are assembled, so that they form one large continuous surface, in which the roots of the plants can spread out and find water and nourishment.

THE CLAY SK1N TILE can be chosen so that the facade material is continuous on the entire building, both with and without planting.

THE PLANT COMPOSITIONS consist of carefully selected plant species that thrive in the system and in the urban environment. Compositions follow plant concepts with different themes and aesthetics.

Irrigation technique

All SK1N I O2 vertical facades are delivered with costume-made irrigation and technical cabinets, which are installed by our specialists along with the facade. They facilitate the right moisture and nutrient levels for the plants during the season and they keep our back-office team informed. With our irrigation system, you can choose to reuse rainwater for irrigation, which is a sustainable way to save resources and protect the environment.

Operation and maintenance

SK1N I O2 vertical facade comes with a detailed service agreement for operation and maintenance, in which the wall is closely monitored in relation to moisture and plant growth via built-in sensors. The sensors report to our back-office team, that monitors the health and condition of the wall. The service agreement is specifically focused on securing the condition of the wall throughout the year. It takes all possible scenarios relating to moisture levels and freezing temperatures into consideration. This provides the builder and subsequently the owner of the wall, with a complete security in knowing that the wall is fully monitored, with no personal care and maintenance responsibilities.