For a sustainable Christmas


It’s almost time for New Year’s resolutions.

This time, to represent our holidays, we chose an installation by The Living which tells us a story of sustainability, art and circularity.
The project inspired us to keep studying and keep getting better: now we want to inspire you too.

They named it Hy-Fi, and in 2014 it was awarded the renowned Young Architects Program at MoMa.
The reason why this artwork motivates us even after all these years resides in its building blocks: bricks made from microscopic, fibrous fungi bound to agricultural waste, manufactured by Ecovative, a company specialised in developing alternate uses for the mushroom mycelium.

In collaboration with Arup, the architects at The Living were then able to build this 40ft-tall extraordinary structure, comprising 10,000 organically grown bricks.

Teamwork, technology, a nearly-zero carbon footprint, and, obviously, beauty.
Here are our wishes for your future.

Happy Holidays from S.Anselmo.