Breeze Blocks


Breeze blocks are iconic elements of architecture. To show but not to reveal, to filter and fracture sunlight, to let air travel through space – these are some of the reasons why architects love and incorporate perforated brickwork into their projects. S.Anselmo breeze blocks meet all of these needs and can even be customized as you prefer.

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Double finish

S.Anselmo breeze blocks originally come in two natural colors: Natural and Yellow Terracotta. In order to satisfy any need, our breeze blocks can be glazed in many stunning shades that cover the whole colour spectrum.



Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of terracotta and thanks to the manufacturing techniques we mastered (for example, extrusion, moulding and pouring), we guarantee a high degree of customization for your breeze blocks: choose and design the best shape for your projects!

How to install breeze blocks

To install S. Anselmo breeze blocks, you can use both cement mortar and cement bond/adhesive. During the laying phase, you can rely on our team of qualified engineers and technicians ready to give their support and suggest the most suitable solutions for your project.


Long-lasting performance

S.Anselmo clay breeze blocks can be made of ceramic gres too; the resulting product
is exceptional and wear-resistant, able to endure the most extreme weather