Bricks and Thin Bricks


A burst of color

S.Anselmo Glazed bricks were developed to decorate and embellish our terracotta with glaze colors of any sort: matte or glossy, intense or subtle. The terracotta shade will still be there, but with a vibrant and stylish twist.

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Shades and sizes

Available sizes
(L x W x H)
215 x 102 x 65 mm 8 7/16" x 4" x 2 9/16"

Too many to choose

Our Glazed line displays a wide range of shades, from the most intense to more opalescent hues, covering the whole color spectrum.


A stunning selection of colourful bricks. Thin bricks and corners are also available in order to meet any design and functional need. Our glazed terracotta is the ideal way to brightly upgrade interior and exterior walls of facing bricks.