Bricast is the revolutionary product by S.Anselmo which unites the simplicity of concrete prefabricated systems with the timeless beauty of bricks.

Bricast is flexible to design, quick to lay down and fireproof – a great match for any project.

Bricast system

Easy to install

Bricast panels are designed to be a non-bearing external brick wall and they are installed in a completely mechanical way, simply inserting galvanized screws through anchoring washers already included in the panel.

Flexible design

Bricast manufacturing features the mechanical securing of thin bricks through a recess behind the brick, in order to optimize the connection between panel and concrete.

This revolutionary solution is a S.Anselmo exclusive and guarantees the best
adhesion between panel and concrete


Bricast is completely made of terracotta, concrete, and steel, all of which allow the system to be entirely fireproof. This particular quality is a key aspect of Bricast, one that makes it suitable to any project and compliant with the latest safety regulations.