Selmo Panels


The external finish of our Selmo Panels insulation cladding is completed with the application of our thin bricks. The functions of the insulation are confirmed and provided in line with the modularity of the thickness required by every specific project.

The structure of the system is made of standard panels as well as special panels, allowing the cladding of surfaces to be compliant with the module of application of facing bricks measuring 25x12x5,5 cm. Isovista system therefore holds the thermal and physical-mechanical properties of EPS insulation while cladding the entire building with facing bricks; Don’t renounce aesthetics and design!

Selmo Panels System

Insulation without thermal bridges

EPS insulation thickness ranges from 3 to 14 cm, you choose. Sant’Anselmo Selmo Panels is an ideal insulation system with facing bricks.

The innovative design of its perimetral battens ensures the perfect superficial continuity of the insulation, even in the junctions. This way, thermal bridges are completely eliminated.

Easy and quick installation

Thanks to comb joints and anchoring washers already included in the panel, the installation of our Isovista system takes very few steps: you just have to secure the panel and cover grout lines with mortar. The panel is light – this will make the application even easier.

Save energy and money

Not only does our Isovista system use high-quality materials and is it so easy to lay, but it allows considerable cost savings. You will offset the costs quite quickly thanks to the reduced use of heating and cooling systems in the future. Being it so easy to install, even your initial laying costs will be very convenient.