Glass bricks


The history of Murano glassmaking dates back to the 12th century. Through many generations, local Murano glassmakers have been exploring and perfecting their craft, developing the most sought-after and precious glass in Europe. In the 1920s, Art Déco was all the rage and became quickly widespread; this inspired Murano craftsmen to create glassware with a focus on interior design, characterized by a wonderful synergy between simplicity and functionality. Today, that ethos still reverberates with the Venetian artisans. Their magnificent and unique work is now the centerpiece of a new range of bright, transparent, colored glass bricks.

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Transparent expertise

From interior walls to exterior facades, Venetian glass bricks are a natural centrepiece in any architectural landscape.


A natural finish

The natural finish of our glass bricks is characterized by a slightly mottled surface, an inherent characteristic of the manufacturing process when casting glass. Upon request, edges and sides can be polished to intensify the degree of transparency of the Glass Brick.

Laying method for glass bricks

You can create a glass brickwork using diverse patterns and different joints. The two main methods to lay glass bricks involve the use of a specific type of mortar and/or a transparent silicone-based polymer, both of which can be supplied by us.


A wide range of effects

The high quality of the processes we use on our glass bricks allows us to provide a great number of textures and finishing effects. We are passionate about giving precise and quick answers to any necessity our customers may have.